Roach Infestation in Your Kitchen

One female cockroach can produce 150 young cockroaches in 35 days. This means a few roaches can multiply quickly and infest your kitchen in a short time.

Roaches will settle in warm, dark, and moist areas. The kitchen is the obvious choice for roaches because it has these characteristics. Cockroaches are a serious household pest infestation, and they can cause several diseases.

You have to know how the cockroaches enter your kitchen if you want to stop them. Here are the common causes of roach infestation in the kitchen.


Cockroaches tend to be more prevalent in some locations. For instance, the southern states of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia host a huge number of cockroaches. Therefore, if you are living in these states, you can expect to see more roaches in the kitchen.

American cockroaches can still settle in your kitchen even if it’s very clean. They’ll enter your house via the door or window. That’s why you shouldn’t leave your windows or doors open for long periods.


Cockroaches are always on the lookout for water, shelter, and food. They’ll settle in your kitchen if they can easily find these things. You can stop them by properly storing food cleaning water from the floor and sink.

You also need to conduct regular inspections of your kitchen. If there are any cracks on the walls or the floor, you’ll have to seal them. Generally, this inspection should happen once every month.


Cockroaches can’t survive in a place without water. That’s why they’ll come into your house to look for moisture and water, even if your house is clean. The source of this water can be leaking pipes and faucets.

The cockroaches will find refuge behind the refrigerators, AC, or even under the water bowls. They’ll also concentrate on places that don’t receive sufficient lighting. Consequently, you must always clean your kitchen and put enough lighting in there.

Food Sources

The cockroaches will look for food sources in many places, including the kitchen. You may try to clean your kitchen and discard any leftovers, but they’ll still find something to eat. There is even evidence that cockroaches can feed on soap, leather, grease, and wallpaper paste.

The cockroaches will hide below cardboards and food coverings. If there is no readily available food, they’ll feed on the coverings as they look for organic food. You can even find them hiding behind the paintings and feeding on the frames.

The only way to eliminate such types of cockroaches is to do regular cleaning. You also have to inspect hidden places and exterminate any pests hidden there. Alternatively, you can contact this company to exterminate the cockroaches.

Use the Best Strategies to Exterminate Roach Infestation In The Kitchen

Cockroaches can be a health hazard in any kitchen or home. In addition, they can cause food wastage and attract reptiles to your kitchen. That is why you must know and eliminate the factors that cause roach infestation in the kitchen.

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