Disinfect Floors

Did you know that the average bathroom floor contains over 700 germs per square inch? Generally, people pay attention to the bathroom more because they view it as the dirtiest part of their home. However, your floor can be just as grimy in other areas that get a lot of foot traffic.

Do you know how to disinfect floors to keep your children and pets safe from deadly viruses and germs? Here is your ultimate floor disinfection guide for keeping your flooring as clean as possible.

Kill Bacteria and Viruses

No matter which cleaning solution you choose for disinfecting floors, you need to ensure that it has the power to kill off bacteria and viruses. If you buy a solution from the store, then you can easily see on the bottle if it does the job.

If you like to make your own cleaning solutions, you can use the internet to determine if the ingredients you use are strong enough to get rid of germs. Even if the solution picks up dirt well, it may not do so well at fighting surfaces at a microscopic level.

Leave Treated Surfaces

Although you may feel the temptation to wipe up your solution right away, it is vital that you leave it to sit for several minutes. This is because the ingredients need to do the work and kill off germs, which takes time.

Ideally, you should ensure that no one walks on the freshly cleaned floors during this time. If you have children or pets, a baby gate may help so that they do not step in the cleaning solution.

Wipe With Fresh Cloths

To avoid to spread of germs, you need to have fresh cleaning cloths whenever you wipe your floor. For ultimate floor disinfection, make sure that you wipe with plenty of clean cloths and wash them immediately after use.

The best cleaning cloths are made of microfiber material. Microfiber eliminates streaks and picks up both dirt and liquid cleaning materials equally well. For floor disinfection, you can also use cut-up t-shirts or other rags.

Consistency is Key

Cleaning your floors once may get rid of the germs and bacteria, but they will come back. You should schedule time every few days or once a week to thoroughly clean your floors and keep them pristine.

If you want to disinfect your floors regularly, it may be a good idea to invest in a more professional cleaning and disinfecting system for your home. For example, the Curis System can easily dispense disinfectant into every corner of your home.

Learn How to Disinfect Floors

If you worry about dirt and germs entering your home, you need to learn how to disinfect floors. With these floor disinfection tips, you can keep your house looking perfect and avoid contamination.

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