Myths About Buying YouTube Views

YouTube is a hugely popular platform. When something is as popular as YouTube is, many people have a lot of opinions on it. Many of these opinions end up becoming myths, which travel far and wide. 

There are many myths, particularly about buying YouTube views. As a result, budding YouTubers and businesses often wonder whether to buy YouTube views or not. 

You do not need to worry! In this post, we bust the top five myths about buying youtube views. Let’s start. 

MYTH#1 YouTube views that are bought are all fake!

The most widely believed myth about buying YouTube views is that all of these views are fake and unauthentic. It is not true. 

While there are many portals that offer fake YouTube views, hundreds of others offer absolutely authentic, real, and reliable views. It is up to you not to fall for the fake views sellers, and rather identify and buy YouTube views that are real.

MYTH#2 It’s Illegal to buy YouTube views

Many people straight away reject the idea to buy YouTube views by calling it illegal and hence unacceptable. Again, this is not true at all. 

There is nothing as illegal and it is acceptable to buy YouTube views provided if they are from the right sources and are authentic/real. Therefore, you should not fall for such a myth and drop your idea to buy YouTube views and give a boost to your YouTube content. 

MYTH#3 Your video will be deleted/ channel banned

People also say that if you buy YouTube views, your video will be deleted and the channel banned. These people fail to understand the difference between real and fake views. If you buy YouTube views that are real, there is no reason for YouTube to penalize you for anything, as your views are real. Therefore, your video or account will not be deleted. 

MYTH#4 The viewer count will be stuck at 301 forever!

This is a widely circulated and absurd myth. While it is true that YouTube may sometimes freeze the number of views on a video at 301 for a while. However, there is no reason to worry about it, and it will not be forever. 

Once a video reaches 301 views, YouTube takes a moment to run its algorithms and check for the sources and authenticity of the views. Therefore, if your views are real, your viewer count will start updating in a while. 

MYTH#5 Growing views organically is always better

Some Youtubers would say that there is no better a strategy than growing your views organically. Well, this again, is not true in most of the cases. Organic growth is always slow, and unpredictable. Waiting for the views to grow organically often leads your channel into a lurch, before things begin to fall apart. Therefore, to buy YouTube views initially and get the much needed initial push is always the best strategy.

These were the 5 myths about buying YouTube views, that you should never believe in. Do you know about any others? Do let us know in the comments!

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