If you are a young parent and live in a tiny apartment with kids, then chances are you may be having a very messy home with garbage cans filled to the brim and you may not be paying attention to the environmental impact of the situation. The kids are surely giving you a hell of a time producing all sorts of waste in every space possible. Clothes piling upon paper piling up on food spills piling upon discarded toys and so forth and so on. 

Until you start to make an effort to stop it all, you might be causing so much harm to people in your place. As they say, small things go a long way, here are a few steps to reduce household waste as much as you can: 

Go Paperless 

This is not just at your home, this can also be implemented at your offices. The amount of paper that gets thrown away and printed without being reused is immense. In order to get rid of this ugly habit, you can start digitizing and using your phone to list down any notes and save pdf documents in hard drives as much as possible. 

Support sustainable businesses

You can take yourself and the kids to more sustainably friendly farmer’s markets in and around trade waste Manchester where they might be inspired by environmentally friendly products at a young age. 

Quit Plastic

We are very quick to fall prey to plastic. The bottled water at a board meeting, the plastic cups shared during picnics and parties, plastic-wrapped chocolates and snacks, also the plastic spoons in your takeout meals. Unfortunately, at least 9.2 billion tons of plastic end up either in the oceans and puts our marine life at risk of polluting the green spaces on our planet. However, there is a prevalent number of plastic-free alternatives that are endorsed and supported by the public majority slowly but surely. By taking steady actions in your home,  you have all the power to make drastic decisions to transform your life positively. 

Visit thrift stores and secondhand shops

You may not always be visiting luxury branded stores unless you can really afford to but there are many secondhand goodies that you can enjoy for a long period of time instead of buying new clothes every other time. You can purchase for really cheap prices and most of these products are usually sustainable friendly for practical, economical reasons. What’s more? The secondhand clothing industry’s environment benefits from fewer carbon emissions to saving water and reducing waste.

One Bottle Rule 

Although other stuff might be a bit easier to reduce, this one is so simple to take care off. Full the disposable bottles with the sustainable juice, aluminum, glass or acrylic to allow you to break the 1 million plastic container, 91% of which can not be recycled, bought globally every minute.

Making your Own Beauty products

Cleaning and beauty products can easily pile up and add plastic to your home for large amounts. Let’s go back to the roots of making our own soap, beauty products, laundry products.

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