Home Renovation

In 2021 our homes have become more than a place to sleep at the end of a busy day. Modern homes provide space for it all: work, exercise, school, and family time. 

But how to fit it all in? Read on for the top six home renovation trends that are revolutionizing living spaces this year.

1. Home Offices Redefined

Home offices broke in on our lives in 2020, with functional spaces thrown together in a hurry as a temporary measure. This year, we see home offices redefined as slick, organized, long-term working spaces.

Homes seldom have enough rooms for separate offices. Home renovation advice suggests smart recapturing of unused space to solve the problem. An example of this is shelving the dead area below a staircase.

Floating desks paired with lights are a big part of home renovation in 2021.

The home office trend is towards working areas that are integrated with living areas. Open plan living is an option that creates an easy way of life–add partitions for privacy for those unavoidable online meetings. 

2. Elevated Bathrooms

Forget mere functionality and create your own luxury spa experience. Bathrooms in 2021 are places to escape to as they capture the essence of pampering. Heated floors and deep stand-alone tubs, paired with calm coloring, will bring the luxury home. 

Home renovation tips for a bathroom are simple. Pick a few plants that love steamy environments and don’t need much direct light to add a touch of elegance. If you’re not keen on a total remodel, use accessories to create the feel they want.

3. Home Renovation Trends: Natural Light

Skylights, windows, and sliding doors all create sun-drenched areas inside your home. Light is powerful for lifting moods and promoting productivity. Incorporating natural light into living spaces is a crucial focus for home renovations in 2021.

Let the sunshine in!

4. Favoring Germ-Free

Easy to clean surfaces and germ-free options are a 2021 hot topic. Hands-free and smart-tech faucets are more popular than ever. Many opt for porcelain countertops and tiles as they only absorb 0.1% of bacteria, making them an extremely hygienic choice.

If now isn’t a good time for a kitchen remodel, consider hiring professional house cleaning services to keep your home hygienically clean.

5. Reclaiming Outdoor Spaces

We’re moving outside to eat, play, relax, and even work in 2021. A good dose of fresh air and sunshine is the appeal of alfresco dining.

Create a working space outside on the deck for an extra productivity boost. Hot tubs, pools, and manicured lawn will entice the family outside for a dose of sunshine and Vitamin D

6. Home Gyms

A traditional home gym creates the image of rusty old weights, but 2021 renovated gyms are sleek, modern spaces. They boast all the equipment you need to keep yourself in tip-top shape without leaving home.

Trends go beyond a yoga mat and a skipping rope. Install a climbing wall or a TV to stream your favorite Zumba class. Create a space that inspires you to keep moving and stay fit. 

So Much More Than a Home 

Home renovations trends are all about adapting the home space to accommodate leisure, work, home, and fitness. With the clever use of space and resources, you can have it all under one roof.

For more home renovation trends to help you make the most of your home, check out our home improvement section.

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