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Let’s be honest. Money cannot buy everything. But having a stuck of cash may result in some pretty amazing experiences.

Some of the most luxurious hobbies on the planet are also the most costly.

Whether you’re a multimillionaire or just dreaming of exploring new expensive hobbies, you’ve landed at the right place. Continue reading to learn about the 5 luxurious ways to have loads of fun.

1. Yacht Racing

Most people cannot afford to set foot on a yacht, let alone racing one. Yacht racing is an exclusive sport reserved for the wealthy and famous. The cost of a “basic” yacht is too expensive as it starts at $2 million.

But if you can afford a yacht, why would you settle for anything less than the best? A fully furnished yacht may cost at list $8 million!

Monthly maintenance expenses for a yacht will cost you roughly $100,000 to keep it race-ready. It is nearly difficult for anyone who is not a multimillionaire to enter this extremely expensive arena.

Famous racers include Stephen Colbert, Mark Ruffalo, and Liam Hemsworth.

2. Equestrianism

Which person doesn’t love a horse?

Equestrianism is among the unique hobbies. There is nothing comparable to riding one of these beautiful creatures. You can understand why so many people like doing so.

But equestrianism demands a substantial financial investment, with a single horse costing up to $100,000. It is a sport that is only accessible to those who can afford it. This is due to the high cost of basic equipment, instruction, transportation, and entrance fees.

If you want to develop a deep connection and bond with your horse, get help from experienced professional trainers by visiting liberty horse training.

3. Car Racing is Among Expensive Hobbies

Daredevils worldwide can’t prevent themselves from getting behind the wheel and racing at full speeds. The cost of life insurance for a racer is prohibitive. Also, don’t forget the cost of safety gear.

This habit-forming hobby might cost you at least $100,000 in the long run.

4. Mountain Climbing

The degree of thrill one feels after climbing a mountain is only equaled to the amount of money it costs to participate in this expensive hobby. Fees cover the cost of a guide and equipment, the cost of permits, and travel-related expenditures.

Many climbers have aspirations of reaching the pick of Mt. Everest. But the 29,029-foot mountain may cost more than $60,000. You’ve not included the cost of personal equipment, training, and an unlimited supply of physical and mental stamina in this cost.

Mandy Moore, Jessica Biel, and Ann Curry are just a few celebrities who like mountain climbing.

5. Poker

Let’s face it. Any gambling may quickly exhaust your financial account. High-stakes poker necessitates a significant amount of courage. This is because the average pot constantly surpasses $1,000. That amount may not appear to be excessive.

But when you are dealing an average of 25 hands each hour, the winnings or losses add up rapidly.

Ben Affleck and Kevin Hart are just a few of the celebrities that have dabbled with poker.

If You Can Afford it Get It!

It is for a good reason that luxury hobbies are also expensive hobbies. They provide unique experiences that are either classy or adrenaline-inducing.

Why not give them a shot if you have the extra time and resources?

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