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Even though November 15th is national clean-out your refrigerator day, yours may be well beyond a face-lift.

But, buying a new one is as tricky as choosing a new phone or computer these days. So many options can have you putting it off until next year.

Luckily, it isn’t as hard as you think when you figure out your priorities.

Use these 7 tips to find the best refrigerator for you in no time. 

1. Smart or Not So Smart

Your first decision will depend on the types of refrigerators available. You can easily eliminate a large section by deciding if you want a smart refrigerator or not. 

Do you want to keep track of your food, keep a digital groceries list, and get alerted if your child leaves the door open? These all can be helpful tools, but there are extra features that you may not use.

Decide whether the higher price is worth it to have gadgets on your refrigerator.

2. Door Style

The next step on how to choose a refrigerator is your door style. This feature will determine the size and function of your refrigerator.

Do you require a small freezer? Then a single-door refrigerator for 1-2 people will work. 

Other door styles include a double door, triple door, mini, French door, and side-by-side door. These variations will determine your freezer location and size as well as shelving options.

3. Compartment Features

One of the best tips for buying a refrigerator is to think about functionality. 

For example, do you buy a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit? Then you should look for a drawer that controls humidity levels. 

Or do your children always open the door to grab a drink? You may consider a grab-and-go compartment that keeps other food cool and your energy level down.

4. Water Filtration

The top refrigerators have some of the best water filters attached to them. 

You can shop your favorite brands like the Whirlpool brand based on its filtration system alone. Plus, you also get ice dispensing options that are sure to be free from harmful toxins and chemicals. 

5. Outside Look

Not all refrigerator buying tips include what’s on the inside. The exterior of the unit is also important. 

Match your refrigerator with your other appliances. If you have all stainless steel in your kitchen then a white refrigerator may look odd. 

6. Energy Efficiency

Your refrigerator runs nonstop and is essential to keep your food safe to eat. So, it is important to find one that doesn’t make you broke and won’t overheat. 

Look for the energy-efficient star on the refrigerator and consider its electrical savings when calculating the price.

7. Price

This brings you to the last tip: cost. Take a look at your list of necessities and see if the refrigerator that has it all fits your price range. 

If the one you want is too expensive then decide on which options are least important to you. 

Buying the Best Refrigerator 

The best refrigerator is one that will last you for more than a decade. Be sure about your decision because it is a long-term one.

Let us know in the comments which refrigerator has lasted the longest for you. 

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