Rank Tracking Is Important

You may have heard about the online debate on whether rank tracking has lost its importance or not. This debate came into force after Google announced that it would personalize the search results for each individual, implying that search results will not be the same across the universe anymore.

But how does that affect rank tracking? Despite this personalization, rank tracking is as important as ever, if not more. Finding “money-making” keywords and ranking for them is still equally important. 

5 Reasons Why Rank Tracking Is Important

Rank tracking is checking where exactly your website appears in the search results for a keyword or a set of keywords. These keywords could include keywords used on your website, keywords used by your competitors, or words you didn’t necessarily optimize for. 

Following are the five reasons you should do rank tracking-

Tracking Your SEO Progress

You absolutely need to track if your SEO tactics are successful or not. Rank tracking helps you in tracking that. 

Even if you made small changes, like changing tags, meta tags, or tweaking descriptions, it is paramount that you get to know the impact of these changes. Rank tracking serves this purpose of yours!

Determining Your PPC Budget

Are you consistently receiving high rankings on organic search results? If so, then congratulations on your SEO efforts that have been fruitful. 

You can now think about reducing your Pay per click advertisements and save some money. This money can be used in other SEO tactics like organizing online marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, if you are consistently ranking low in organic results, then you need to make significant changes to your SEO tactics. We recommend increasing your PPC budget in order to appear higher on web results through advertisements. 

Strengthening Your SEO Strategy

Rank tracking can help you identify your low-ranking web pages. Accordingly, you can make changes to the content of the low-ranking articles or optimize the webpage for better results. With little effort, you can rank higher in the search results.

Thus, knowing where you rank can help you identify your low-ranking pages as well as high-ranking pages. You can closely compare the two using rank trackers and accordingly improve the quality of your content. This can strengthen your SEO strategy significantly.

Monitoring Competitors

Well, it’s business! And in business, you should also find out how green the grass is, on the other side. 

Yes, you got it right! Monitoring competitors is significant for any business. 

And rank tracking can exactly help you with this!

If your competitors are ranking high, then you need to figure out what makes them rank higher. Rank tracking can let you know the keywords used by your business adversaries, along with other content and formatting changes. 

A thorough analysis of the same can help you understand their strategy. You can accordingly make changes to your current SEO tactics and improve their rankings. 

Generating Leads

A higher rank on the web page means higher visibility. Higher visibility shall correspondingly lead to more traffic to your website. Higher traffic leads to a higher possibility of conversions. 

According to a recent study, a spot higher in the rankings can improve visibility by 30%. 

Isn’t that a huge margin?

Indeed! Rank tracking, thus, lets you know where exactly you stand amidst your competitors. Suggestions are also provided by the rank tracking apps. You can follow these and ascend to a higher rank!

WhatsMySerp For Rank Tracking

Since rank tracking is important for every business, we recommend you choose the best rank tracking app to avail the feature to the fullest.

And what do we suggest?

We recommend WhatsMySerp SEO tool! It is an all-in-one SEO tool that consists of many features, including rank tracking. 

Some of its features are:

Free rank tracking

WhatsMySerp’s rank tracking feature is absolutely free! You have to input details such as device type, keywords, location, and the domain name of the website, for tracking ranks of your chosen keywords.

Desktop and mobile tracking

Google rankings differ for desktop and mobile devices. WhatsMySerp’s desktop and mobile tracking feature help you keep a tab on how well your website is ranking on different devices. 

Unlimited on-demand checks

WhatsMySerp provides relevant and updated keywords every day. However, if you still need a rank refresh, simply click on the refresh button! The updated list of keywords will be displayed. 

Localized tracking

Localized tracking features help you find out how well you are ranking in a particular locality. This information can specifically help you in formulating your next online campaign. 

WMS Everywhere browser extension

WMS Everywhere is WhatsMySerp’s browser extension that provides you details like related keywords, costs per click, and volumes, without leaving the Google search results. 

Currently, its browser extension is only suitable for Google Chrome applications. 

Easy to use and interactive interface

WhatsMySerp has an easy to use as well as interactive interface. You can easily find its features in the control panel. Also, the tool is easy to use. You need not be technically proficient in order to use the application. 

Summing Up

Regardless of the type of business, Rankings are important. And you need to track them on a regular basis. These can help you track your SEO progress and ensure success to your site.

 Therefore, make sure you use a rank tracking tool for this purpose. If done right, rank tracking can help you increase your website traffic significantly!

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