HVAC Air Filter

One in every five people thinks that it’s not necessary to change their HVAC air filter. Air filters collect dust and dirt, which prevents them from spreading through the home.

A clean air filter keeps your HVAC unit from working harder than it should circulate air through the home. If your HVAC unit has to work too hard, it breaks down more often.

Not only that, but you’ll see higher energy bills.

Now that you see the benefits of changing your air filter, you’ll need to know how to get the best HVAC air filter for your system.

Don’t worry because we have your back. Read on to learn how to choose the best filter for your HVAC unit.

1. Material Type

There’s a choice of fiberglass, folded, and pleated HVAC filters. These filters are disposable or washable. Out of these options, the best HVAC air filter is disposable and pleated or folded.

These air filters are more effective at trapping particles. Fiberglass filters are the cheapest air filters, but they need to be changed more often.

2. Efficiency Rating

An HVAC air filter has an efficiency rating. You’ll see this listed as the MERV or minimum efficiency reporting value. The higher the rating, the more effective it is at collecting smaller particles.

An air filter that has a MERV rating of 14-20 filters out particles as small as .30 microns, including bacteria and viruses.

A MERV rating between 1-6 filters out particles that are .10 microns in size. That’s limited to dust mites, pollen, and fibers.

3. Cost

Do you get what you pay for when it comes to HVAC air filters? According to www.sanfranciscoheatingandairconditioning.com, more expensive filters have the ability to filter out smaller particles and require less maintenance.

You’ll find a broad range of air filter prices between $10 and several hundred dollars. Make sure you look at the main features of the air filters before getting them.

It’s possible that you’ll get an air filter that doesn’t meet your needs if you get the cheapest one.

4. When to Replace It

Air filters have ratings that specify how often they need to get changed. There are other factors at play that you should consider as well.

If you live alone and you don’t have pets or suffer from allergies, then changing the air filter a couple of times a year is fine.

Multiple people in the home and multiple pets mean that you have more allergens circulating in the air.

Find the Best HVAC Air Filter

You can’t ignore HVAC air filters. They need to be changed as part of your regular HVAC maintenance plan.

When you look at HVAC filters, take into account the maintenance, efficiency rating, and materials. Your home lifestyle is another factor to consider.

Once you know how to find the best HVAC air filter, you have the confidence to change it. Do you want to learn more home improvement tips?

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