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Experts predict the elevator industry will be worth an astounding 96.75 billion by 2027. With such vast revenues at stake, it’s no surprise companies that can perform a high-quality elevator service are in great demand. 

But, what factors should you consider when choosing an elevator maintenance company? After all, keeping your equipment in working order is essential for the safety of elevator users. The good news is the best elevator servicing businesses share some key traits that set them apart from the chasing pack.

Read on to learn more about picking an elevator servicing partner. 

Experience and Expertise

Firms may have experience with many types of elevators, or they could specialize in a specific sector. For example, you could find one company that has in-depth knowledge about the commercial elevator market. But, another contractor could be an expert in the residential elevator industry.

It’s good practice to inquire as to a company’s experience servicing the type of elevators you own before signing a contract.

Communication Skills

Elevator maintenance can be a complicated area, and you’ll want to work with a firm that simplifies your communications as much as possible. Ensure they can explain any issues in layman’s language, and that they send their reports through in a timely manner. If you are unsure about the contents of an elevator servicing contract, you can hire a professional firm to manage your audit on your behalf. 

This type of service can help you decipher convoluted contract details.

Elevator Service Client Reviews

The elevator industry is competitive, and it can be challenging to know which servicing company to hire. However, reading online reviews can help you make a decision. If you see there are many positive comments about a firm, this can give you confidence they will be able to meet your needs.

But, if there are lots of negative reviews, you can steer clear of this business. It is much better to take your time choosing a trustworthy contractor rather than hiring a firm that will let you down when you need them the most.


You never know when an elevator will suffer a fault, and it can be frustrating if you have to wait for days until an engineer can visit your property. Ask a company how long it typically takes for an employee to attend when there is an urgent elevator issue. You can then decide if this timeframe is suitable for your requirements. 

Find Your Ideal Elevator Servicing Company

When you partner with a top-class elevator service company, it can give you peace of mind that this side of your business is in safe hands. Before signing a contract, it’s helpful to ask about a contractor’s experience and to make sure they have plenty of staff to carry out appointments. You may also want to check the company has a list of testimonials from previous clients.

You can then get on with other tasks while your elevator maintenance firm takes care of these complex machines.

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