SignNow is a service for creating electronic signatures. It also allows you to edit and send documents to other members of your team.

SignNow is a service for creating electronic signatures. It also allows you to edit and send documents to other members of your team. Moreover, you can send documents for signature to partners or clients, and so on. SignNow’s functionality depends on the chosen tariff plan. However, in addition to the basic set of functions, the service has a lot of interesting options that you may not be aware of, even if you’re already using it.

Let’s see what else users can expect. After all, some options can be very useful in your work.

Integration with Other Services

You can integrate SignNow into dozens of different online services and CRMs. This way, you don’t even have to use the web application to get SignNow’s features. All the options you need will be at your fingertips, wherever you work. Apply electronic signatures directly to Google Dox, AWS, Dropbox, Gmail, Magento, WordPress. A complete list of services that work successfully with SignNow can be seen on this page.

SignNow Chatbot for Workplace from Facebook is Already Available 

Recently, the list of integrations has been replenished. SignNow is now available for Workplace from Facebook. The Workplace is a platform for teamwork, which is retaining some of Facebook’s features. For example, here, you can share content, make live streams for your team, and react to posts. But now, the Workplace is not only a place where people gather to discuss important issues or for team training. It is also a platform where you can organize your work easily.

Now, companies can use the Workplace to organize the work of remote employees, track their performance by key metric, and always stay in touch with them. With the implementation of the SignNow ChatBot for Workplace, team productivity will increase. After all, without leaving the chat, you can exchange documents, sign them, and they instantly become available to those to whom they are intended. The function of sending documents to Chatbot is available both on PC and mobile.

SignNow Works with All Types of Documents

In guides and tutorials for beginners, there is information that SignNow works only with PDF documents. In fact, it works well with other extensions as well. You can create a document in Word, Pages, or Google Docs and save it in any format you like. But, to tell the truth, there are many more options available for PDF documents in the service, while there are certain limitations when working with other extensions.

Simple lifehack: create and edit a file in any application. And if you need to sign it, export the file to PDF format. Then load it into SignNow as it is. Path: “File” – “Save As” or “Download.” Then go to the SignNow’s Dashboard and paste your signature or send it to the respondent. To do this, click “Invite to Sign.” 

Note! Convenient work with the service, together with favorable prices and other bonuses, has made SignNow one of the most popular web applications for creating electronic signatures. In 2020, the site entered the Top 20 Digital Signature Software rating.

Convenient System of Notifications and Reminders

The system will send you a notification that you have received new documents for signature. If you have an account and received such documents, notifications will also appear inside the web app. If not, a reminder will be sent by email. At the same time, your partners or clients don’t need to create their own accounts. For them, the opportunity to put their signature is free and doesn’t require registration.

When the client signs the file, copies of the documents will be sent to all participants in the process (if several signatures are required from different people). Again, notifications will be sent to the mail immediately. When you move to electronic document management, SignNow will take care not only of creating electronic signatures but also of other important things. Now, there is nothing you will forget or lose.

SignNow Works on Android

Resource motto: Sign on Any Device. And suddenly you didn’t know – indeed, you can:

  • sign files
  • edit them
  • take, keep, send, or delete them
  • create templates and more

All this can be done on a phone or tablet with Android OS. The functionality of the mobile version is as complete as on the desktop. Limitations may only apply to the Business plan.

To test all the possibilities that the mobile version offers, download the official app. More than a million users have already tested the mobile application for Android.

Useful Options in Recent Updates

Do you think that’s all? Although the service is already 10 years old, this doesn’t mean there won’t be any new releases. On the contrary, many new things appear every month. Here’s what you can now enjoy using the system:

  1. New fonts for document editing. Now, you can choose one of the 7 suggested fonts to make your text easier to read.
  2. The Remove Edit & Sign tool has appeared. You can protect your document from changes and edits by other people. Protect your data with this tool so that no changes can be done after signing.
  3. In the General Information tab, you can change the logo or name of your organization. Previously, such changes required contacting support and asking for help.
  4. The leader of the group can now easily appoint an admin or moderator of the group, add or remove team members.
  5. It‘s just as easy to add to the system and manage the email addresses of all respondents from whom a signature is required.

The creators of the platform are planning even more useful innovations. They will make the electronic document flow faster, more efficient, and cheaper. So, let’s enjoy it!

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