Athleisure Wear

With more and more people working from home since the pandemic started, athleisure wear has been on the rise.

But although you may be staying home most of the day, how do you make sure your outfits still look okay when you head out to the grocery store or go on a walk for a break from work?

Even though you want to be comfy, making sure the athleisure wear for work is appropriate and stylish enough to leave the house is just as important!

Keep reading to learn how to make women’s athleisure wear to look good on you all the time.

Focus on the Silhouette

Women’s athleisure wear comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are skin-tight like leggings, while some sweatshirts and overcoats tend to be much baggier.

So how do you match these together to make sure it doesn’t look like you’re swimming in your clothes or are wearing all body con material?

It’s best to choose athletic wear that complements each other. If you choose leggings, add an oversized sweatshirt. If you’re wearing loose joggers, choose a tighter crop top.

The last thing you want to do is pick two baggy pieces together – so make sure to avoid that look!

Accessorize Your Athleisure Wear With the Right Accessories

When choosing what you want to wear, you may not think about what accessories will make it look even better. But there are multiple ways to either dress up or dress down women’s athleisure wear.

Going on a hike? Add a hat to the outfit to make it even more athletic!

Working with a few Zoom calls during the day? Add a cute pair of earrings or an adorable scrunchie in your hair to complete the look while still looking put together.

Leaving the house to run to the store? Slip-on a cute pair of white sneakers.

The Label has so many options to help you accessorize your athleisure wardrobe. 

Add in Some Luxe Pieces

If you are going for a more feminine look with your athleisure wear, you can easily add in a more feminine piece of clothing.

You can add in a personalized coat, a slim-fit jacket, or a nicer pair of boots or shoes to complement the outfit. If you want to add a purse to the outfit, you can accessorize with a more luxurious brand.

Use These Athleisure Fashion Secrets to Spice Up Your Look

Women’s athleisure wear can be for so much more than just working out or heading to run some errands.

Wearing athletic wear to work from home or get brunch with the girls is always an option! And there’s always the option to spice up the look with luxe accessories or cute shoes. The choices are endless.

Did you enjoy these tips to spice up your look? Check out more tips on the blog!

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