medical trauma

Life is full of unforeseen circumstances, and often we can find ourselves in really difficult situations if we have a medical emergency. Hopefully, you have been treated properly and cared for after your experience, but if not, here are some ways to cope with medical trauma.

A medical trauma can be an emotional or physical response that you experience after you have gone through pain, serious illness, a medical procedure, or injury. These effects can often be really difficult to cope with such as PTSD, chronic pain, phobias, mobility issues, or panic attacks.

Talk about it

It’s really important that you talk about your experience, and that you don’t battle it alone. Talk to friends and family about how you are feeling or if that isn’t possible, reach out to a support group or helpline. You could also seek legal advice if you have been affected and need some guidance on your rights and legal options. Never be afraid to ask for help or tell someone you are struggling.

Don’t feel any guilt

Hopefully, you won’t feel any guilt or shame around your negative experience, but some people do suffer from this. Remember your medical trauma was not your fault, and you have no reason to feel guilty. Expect kindness and empathy from those around you because you deserve it.

Get compensation

If your medical experience did cause some trauma and you think you were not adequately cared for, you can always seek legal help to get compensation. Use an experienced healthcare attorney in Los Angeles who can provide you with advice and legal counsel on how to proceed with your claim.

Be active in your recovery

It’s important that you remain strong and resilient and that you start the recovery process as soon as possible. If it’s a physical injury then this could be doing exercises from a physiotherapist or taking the right pain medication for you. If you need to start getting mobile again, be brave and take the first step. You may also need some help with the emotional and stressful elements of your trauma, so it is worth seeking counseling or support if your mental health is being affected.

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