You were driving back home and suddenly got arrested. What will happen to you? You will be transferred to jail. Moreover, the cops have sufficient evidence against you which was reviewed by an independent judge within 2 days. Now, the local prosecuting attorney will determine whether they need to file a criminal charge or not. Until charges are not filed by an attorney against you, you will be kept in jail because you are suspicious. If the police want to hold you longer (for more than 72hrs excluding off-days or weekends), there must be charges filed against you by the prosecuting attorney. If no charges are filed, then the police cannot hold you in jail and they have to release you. 

Constitutional Implications of 72-hour rule

If you have spent 48hrs in jail, then there are only 24hrs left for the prosecuting attorney to file charges against you. However, you should remember that 72-hour duration means 72 hrs or business days. So, you will be released if no “rush” charges are filed against you in this period. You should keep in mind that you can still be charged either through a mail or a warrant issued by the court at the request of an attorney journal. When you are released from jail, you will notice that they verify your present address. This is critical because if you miss your trial, a summon will be issued. 

It is cited in the constitution:

“A blamed individual shall not be imprisoned or subjected to conditions of release after 72hrs followed by the defendant’s custody in jail or released on conditions, whichever happens early, until information or charge is filed or the affected person’s written consent or on the record in open court. The 72hrs analysis period excludes weekends and holidays.” [According to  CrR 3.2.1(f)(1), CrRLJ3.2.1(f)(1)].

The decision to charge clients who are in custody on felony charges will be made in open court the day after the 48hrs liable cause hearing. The hired lawyers will work to find out if someone is on this schedule 60 min or so before the court when the docket becomes accessible; however, this information cannot be retrieved until court.

Hire a Lawyer

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Whether you violate the laws or you are trapped, you may get arrested and need help to protect your rights. You should contact the lawyer as early as possible to avoid issues later. 

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