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How will COVID impact your vacation?

You’ll be happy to know guidelines are loosening up!

The CDC says it’s safe to travel within 90 days of testing positive, assuming you’re fully recovered. Other traveling restrictions are also lifting, and excited vacationers are booking their stays.

You can bet that as more and more people begin planning their vacations, resort prices will rise. If you want to afford a trip with your family, you should explore what Disney vacation club (DVC) memberships are all about.

Should you purchase your membership directly, or through a DVC resale store? Read on to find out.

Visiting a DVC Resale Store

It doesn’t matter whether you buy direct or go through a DVC resale store; you’ll still be a DVC member! Every member has the opportunity to take advantage of the same banking, booking, and borrowing windows.

After buying a resale, you’ll be deeded as the owner and provided with all of the same wonderful member services. You should also know that you’ll have instant access to annual vacation points when you go through with a DVC resale. That’s right; you’ll be getting points every single year.

Fun Member Benefits

When it comes to dvc resale vs. direct, the membership benefits are similar. When your membership begins, you’ll have access to the top of the world resort in Bay lake.

As far as maintenance fees and expiration dates go, you’ll have to refer to the terms the direct buyer was using. In other words, the membership expiration dates will be pre-installed when you go through resale.

You’ll be able to view all of the expiration dates before making any final type of purchasing decision. Since you’ll have the same access to the booking windows the direct fire was using, there aren’t any limitations. Spend the day pool hopping to allowable resorts, enjoy free DVD rentals, and so much more!

What Resale Store Memberships Don’t Provide

Are there any downsides to going through a resale program instead of buying direct? When buying a resale, you won’t have access to the annual pass discount. However, annual passes are currently suspended at Walt Disney world due to COVID.

You also won’t qualify for the same dining and merchandise discounts as you would with a direct membership. The exception to this rule will be if you’re using a Disney Chase Visa; in that case, you’ll still enjoy all of the same discounts.

There is a member-only event that you only qualify for when buying direct. However, you can look into supplementing your membership to gain access to certain member events.

Another benefit that direct buyers enjoy is being able to turn in their vacation points into cruises. Since you’ll be buying through a resale store, you won’t be able to convert the points into a cruise. However, veteran DVC members will tell you that converting vacation points for cruises isn’t the best idea.

Vacation points are valuable, giving you access to resorts that would cost hundreds of dollars a night. At the same time, a cruise can usually be booked at an affordable rate out of pocket.

Is the Cost Any Different?

When choosing between DVC resale versus direct, one of the biggest considerations is the cost. When you decide to go through a resale store, you’ll be able to save anywhere from 5% to 50% off of Disney’s Direct prices!

You’ll have to look at current DVC shop listings to see what the average sale prices are. Resort pricing and availability are subject to change, so it’s good to check in now and then. Resale buyers should also note that all of the listed prices are negotiable.

Contact your DVC shop representative and let them know what your offer is, and they can put it in for you. There’s no harm in trying to get the price down. You’ll probably get approval, as long as you make a fair offer.

As far as availability goes direct buyers have a set selection of contracts. Direct buyers can only access the contracts that Disney is currently selling.

Disney is only going to sell particular types of resort stays, and they’ll have limited availability.
For instance, new contracts usually only apply to the latest resort options.

On the resale market, you’ll have an entirely different experience. The resale market gives you access to a large range of contracts from all sorts of buyers.

You’ll be able to look at contracts available at each Disney resort, as well as other five-star locations. The flexibility makes it easier when you’re trying to plan a big vacation with the entire family. You’ll be able to purchase exactly what it is you need, instead of having to buy whatever Disney is offering.

Financing a Resale Purchase

Did you know that there are financing options for resales? A popular way of financing is to take out a small home equity loan. You could also apply for a signature loan with your preferred banking institution.

Small home equity loans and signature loans tend to have lower interest rates. Another option would be to go to an independent lending institution. There are a lot of online lending divisions that offer unsecured timeshare financing for those with solid credit.

Other lending divisions will be happy to provide personal loans, especially when it’s going towards the DVC membership. As you begin exploring financing options, pay close attention to the interest rates.

Do the calculations to determine how much your payments will be, including interest. Look at your monthly budget, and see if you could make those payments without stressing out any other area of your finances.

If something were to go wrong, such as losing your job, would you still be able to keep up with the payments? If it’d be a push to pay off the loan, wait until you can purchase the resale out of pocket.

Make Your Move

Now you know the ins and outs of buying from a DVC resale store. It’s clear to see that resale opportunities make memberships more affordable and convenient. Not only will you be able to save hundreds of dollars from the beginning, but you’ll also have access to a broader selection of resorts to stay at.

Start exploring resale opportunities online today to see if they’re within your budget. Once you find the right situation, it’s time to make an offer! If you’d like more helpful insights, we’re here to help; check out the rest of our website.

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