home additions

In today’s real estate market, space is an ongoing challenge. Most homes come with small square footage at hefty prices, making it challenging to find a house that can fit your family, furniture, and other belongings. Luckily, with home additions, you can add more space to your house. Home additions are single structures built on the side of your home to serve a single purpose. This can be anything from a bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. However, there are different types of home additions, and they all serve different needs. Here’s a list of four types of home additions you can explore.

1. Bump out

A bump-out is an expansion of an existing room in your home, making it more spacious. For example, you can add a bump-out to your kitchen, creating more space for a dining area. Or, if you aren’t sure what to do with the extra space, you can visit a kitchen showroom in Los Angeles for design inspiration.

Bump-outs are perfect for individuals that don’t want to add a full main floor to their homes. But, you’ll still add a roofline and foundation. Fortunately, they’re less costly than other home additions.

2. Room addition

If you have plenty of space to work with, consider room additions. They create a sizeable and functional space that you can turn into a gym, second master suite, bathroom, or playroom. It’s wise to hire a professional like Levi Design Build to construct your room addition as they can ensure it seamlessly blends with your existing structure.

3. Room conversion addition

This involves converting an existing room into a functional and welcoming space. For instance, if you have a basement filled with clutter and old belongings, you can turn it into a new office or kitchen. Generally, room conversion additions maximize the use of space in your home.

4. Patio addition

Patio additions are ideal as they create outdoor spaces for entertaining guests and enjoying warm weather. You can also add an enclosed patio if you want a space you can use all year round.

Ultimately, regardless of the home addition you choose, ensure it fits your existing footprints and needs.

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