Employees Being E-Verified

An I-9 form is required to be provided by every employer in the United States. Certain information must be provided by employees, regardless of their citizenship. This will allow for the determination of the eligibility of the employee to be working in the United States. While certain information is required, employees have certain rights when it comes to filling out these forms. Here are some of the rights of employees who are filling out an I-9 form for e-verify technology.

Complete the I-9 Form After Employment Offer

Many people are concerned about who has access to their personal information. This is not an unfounded fear as some people might use someone else’s information to do them harm. While an employer is unlikely to do harm to a candidate, the person might still be cautious. The I-9 form will require certain personal information for it to be completed. This information doesn’t need to be provided to an employer and the form completed until a job offer has been extended. At that point, it will be needed in order for the employee to be electronically verified.

Refusing Additional Documentation

The I-9 process requires certain information to be provided by the employee. While not common, sometimes employers might ask for additional information or documentation related to the form. However, the employee has a right to refuse to provide this information or documentation if it’s not necessary for the I-9 form. For example, if an employer asks for a green card from a non-citizen, they don’t have to provide that if the I-9 process doesn’t require it. This allows the employee to keep certain things to themselves while still being electronically verified by the system.

Informed of Being E-Verified

Some employees might not be as concerned about providing personal information for an employer. However, they have the right to know how their information is going to be used. When an employee provides personal information, the employer should inform them how that information will be used. Some might go into a company file while other information might be used for verification. If an employer is collecting information to be used on the I-9 form, the employee should be notified of this purpose. This ensures that the employee knows how their information will be used and that the employer is protected from accusations.

Electronic verification of an employee provides assurance that they are eligible for employment in the United States. The employee providing information has certain rights. These are some of the rights for the employee having their information used for e-verify technology.

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