Cover Your Patio

Are you looking to get more out of your patio space?

If you have a patio that you’re using all the time, you’ll know how inconvenient the weather can be. One moment it’s bright, sunny and you’re planning a family barbeque. The next moment, rain clouds are rushing in overhead. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Read on for these top reasons you should cover your patio today.

Bad Weather Won’t Ruin a Good Time

A covered patio lets you enjoy your outdoor space in any weather. The biggest benefit you’ll see though is when the weather is bad. You’ll still get to be outside, but you’ll have shelter from any rain so you and your guests stay comfortable.

You can also hang shades or drapes to hang down the side of your covered patio. This will offer further protection from side winds and rain, and also help keep pests at bay.

You could even consider adding heated lamps or a fire pit if you have the room. This will mean you can use your patio, even in those colder, chilly winter months.

You Get Cool & Shade in Summer

Another big benefit of a patio cover is the fact that it will keep the space cool and provide shade in summer. If you’re outside enjoying the warm weather, you can’t sit in direct sunlight all day. Otherwise, you could burn, or get heatstroke.

The shade also helps mitigate the heat that will seep into your house too. The patio cover will be the first structure the sun’s rays hit. This means they draw away the UV light and heat from your home.

In short, your patio cover is a secondary heat shield to keep your home’s interior comfortable. Click to find out more on how to cover a patio.

They Protect Your Items

To have a comfortable space, you need the right outdoor furnishings. It’s common for outdoor spaces to have careful, thoughtful furnishes. In fact, a lot of people give as much importance to this task as they would furnishing a room indoors.

With all those nice furnishings though, it’s important to protect them and cover them. Think of items like:

  • outdoor rugs
  • cushions and seat padding
  • tables and chairs

They all can get damaged from being outside, exposed to the elements. You invested in these items, and a patio cover will protect them. You could see them looking like new for years to come.

Prevents Solar Damage

One notable type of damage is harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays. UV radiation, over time, will start to break down the chemical bonds inside everyday items. That’s what gives them that faded, discolored look that sucks the lift out of your furnishings.

A covered patio can provide a defense against this. This is especially important for leather items. Once they’re damaged by UV rays, it’s irreversible. When you’re choosing a patio cover, make sure you get one with UV protection.

High-quality aluminum is best as it has a higher natural heat and UV protection. It’s also immune to shrinkage and warping unlike wood and has a longer lifespan too. But a high-quality patio cover of any kind should help keep your items looking fresh and not faded from the sun.

Increases Your Home Value

If you’re looking to sell, having a covered patio could add value to your home. These days, the most attractive homes to buyers are ones with plenty of outdoor living space. So much so, it could be the deciding factor between whether a buyer picks your home or not.

Your home is one of your most important possessions, so why not invest in its future? Sure, getting your door space will take time, effort, and money, but the enjoyment you get out of it will pay off. And should you come to sell your home, it could end up paying for itself.

Adds An Extra Family Gathering Hub

In most homes, the kitchen is the family gathering place. It contains items like:

  • microwaves
  • fridges
  • toasters
  • ovens

It’s the hub because that’s where all the snacks and drinks are. But, you can extend this family vibe out into your garden too with a covered patio. The whole family can enjoy the garden, and those treats, together. Light up the barbeque, or dine outside together when dinner is ready.

The kids could sit outside doing their homework. Wireless printers, Wi-Fi, and laptops have all made this possible now. If they’re playing or enjoying the pool, you can make sure they’re safe while enjoying the outside too.

Provides An Attractive Feature

A beautiful, well-put-together covered patio can boost the look of your home’s exterior. Most covers are highly customizable so you can get the perfect, unique look for your home.

They’ll blend in or stand out as much as you want them to. Whatever the style of your home, you’ll be able to get a design that will complement and boost its curb appeal.

The beauty is a covered patio isn’t only about the aesthetics, it adds more functional space too. It’s common now to use covered patios to blend the yard and interior for a seamless finish.

Let’s You Get Back to Nature

One of the nicest, most pleasurable benefits of covering your patio are how it puts you in touch with nature. You, your family, and your guests can enjoy being out in the thick of nature while staying dry, cool, and protected.

If you have a wooded area backing onto your yard, or even a stream or creek, imagine sitting right by it. Listening to the trees rustle, the water bubbling and rushing past. Evenings spent listening to the insects and frogs calling, putting you right at the heart of your surroundings.

Installing a Patio Cover the Easy Way

So there you have it! Now you know these benefits of installing a patio cover, what are you waiting for?

Covered patios not only spruce up your exterior but add real value to your home. They’ll add monetary value but also real, usable space for you and your family to enjoy all year round.

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