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George Goyal from Houston states customer reach is the potential number of customers a business can reach through any campaign or marketing channel. For instance, if you are using a TV commercial to market the business, your marketing reach can be stated as the number of people who watch your advertisement. For the optimum growth of the customer base, one needs to keep increasing the customer reach. 

George Goyal Houston brings few marketing tips to increase the customer reach as the results of the marketing efforts and also increase brand awareness and profits in the process. 

Increase the network and partnerships

When you run an online business, it is essential to understand that the customers and potential customers already have their relationships with other businesses. Every time you have a partnership of your organization with other businesses offering complementary products or services, you put yourself in the position to reach new audiences and potentially increase the customer base. 

Offer newsletter

When you try to increase the market reach and increase sales, email marketing must be one of the first priority. When people are on the newsletter list, they always lookout for the email updates regarding your organization. With a simple email, you can have a number of people seeing the offer even before you spend time and resources to get new visitors to your site. 

If you want to improve the customer reach of any specific campaign, email should be a major place to focus on. Most of the subscribers will click through to the offers and some of them may even make a purchase. 

Use social media

Many of the business in modern industry use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to generate new leads and engage the customers. On the social media, the increase in customer reach can be measure by the increase in the content or product views and the number of total fans or followers on the specific platform. 

When the main goal is to increase the brand awareness and customer reach, content that is shared on the social platforms is connected to the results you get. It is a rule of thumb that the amount of content you share on social media is directly proportional to the increase in the customer reach. 

Master referral marketing

Referral marketing is spreading the word about your products, services and overall brand through the past and existing customers. As per the research done on consumer trust, the reports show that 84% of consumers somewhat or completely trust the recommendations from colleagues, friends and the family members about products and services.  

Target multiple audiences

When starting a business, many owners face hard time in narrowing the target market. There exist too less data to go on and a lot of important decisions to make. Such a situation often leads to many small businesses to target more types of audiences and improve the targets as the company grow. Also there is no problem in having more than one target audience, it is actually better to keep more than one target customer in mind. 

Incorporate visual marketing in marketing strategy

Visual marketing is termed as using the visual such as images, videos, graphics and infographics in the marketing efforts. When you try to improve the marketing reach, it is better if you get higher number of people who see your marketing material. Visual marketing works for both offline and online marketing tactics. For instance, the digital wrapping on vehicles uses the visual marketing technique creates outstanding effects on the customer’s minds by grabbing their attention quickly. 

Give free trials

Everyone loves free giveaways. Such giveaways include free trials, gifts, discounts and promotional sales. 

Offering free giveaways to the customers is a great way of nurturing relationships and turning them into brand loyalists. It also provides you the chance to improve the marketing reach. 

Instead of providing free giveaways, you can try to create a scheme where a customer or visitor to receive giveaway must spread the news on one or more social channels. For every customer who take the offer, you get awarded with their followers or friends getting aware of your brand. And if the interest of them are similar to the customers, it is guaranteed that you get new customers as well. 


You always wish to get more profits from the business. If you wish to get the maximum benefit of these George Goyal Houston’s tips, you need to take the first step towards the customer reach by opting one of the techniques and implementing them in the business. Not all of the businesses fit in one size. You should be willing enough to examine the business and with lots of testing, you must find out what provides you the highest ROI. 

After you determine what works best for you, remove the not working strategies and practice more what gives you customer reach, attracts more potential customers to the business, and also spreads brand awareness. 

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