Use a Bitcoin ATM

Did you know that there are almost 30,000 Bitcoin ATM machines in the USA?

Bitcoin ATMs are a great way to access your cryptocurrency investments, or add to them, in the fastest way possible. 

If you have Bitcoin investments, how can you find cryptocurrency ATM locations close to you? What services do they provide?

Why not find out the answers to these questions and more in our in-depth article?

How to Find Bitcoin ATM Locations

So first of all let’s answer the question you are probably most interested in: “How can I find a Bitcoin ATM near me?”. 

The easiest way is to use a dedicated search page such as to find out what Bitcoin ATM machines are available and what services each offer. 

If you are looking for an alternative map, you can also run a search for Bitcoin ATM on Google Maps. They will show a general approximation of Bitcoin ATM locations. However, as with all things on Google Maps, it may not be completely up-to-date.

What Is a Bitcoin ATM?

Once you find your Bitcoin ATM, what can you do with it? You can use these ATMs to buy and sell Bitcoin in exchange for cash. You simply need to know your Bitcoin wallet code or scan your QR code. Follow this by inserting your payment, if buying Bitcoin. Finally, take your receipt.

Often Bitcoin ATMs will only allow you to buy Bitcoin, not to convert your investment to cash. If they do allow withdrawals, you can often only take out as much as $10,000 at one time.

How Much Do They Charge?

Many standard bank ATMs charge for withdrawing money, Bitcoin ATM machines are no different. Bitcoin ATMs may charge as much as 15% of your transaction. This high price is often one reason why people prefer to work with exchanges instead of ATMs.

Are Bitcoin ATMs Safe?

Before you start asking yourself “is there a cryptocurrency ATM near me?”, you probably want some assurances about the safety of using them. 

In principle, Bitcoin ATMs are more secure than ATM machines. Since they do not use the same security precautions, card and password systems, they carry less risk of hacking. You do not use a card, so it cannot be cloned or faked. 

And as Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology, it carries the guarantee of greater protection from hacking. The ledger as always is completely trackable and protects the end-user. 

How to Find Bitcoin ATM Machines and Much More

Bitcoin ATMs are a great way to access your investments and cash in your cryptocurrency. Now you know where to find your nearest Bitcoin ATM so you can purchase cryptocurrency in the fastest time possible. 

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