Human Resources Job

Did you know that 76% of resumes are discarded for an unprofessional email address?

It goes to show that landing a job in any sector can be tough. Human resources employees are renowned for their professionalism, organization skills, and personable demeanor – so competition is extra fierce.

It pays to do your research and find out exactly what employers are looking for in your field. Keep reading for our 5 steps to make you stand out from the crowd in this competitive sector and land your human resources job. 

Study A Relevant Qualification

Many HR jobs require an employee to have a Bachelors’s Degree. Whilst you don’t necessarily need to have a degree specifically in Human Resource Management, it will definitely set you up with the skill set you need.

Other popular courses for those looking to get into HR are psychology, business studies, and sociology. All of these subjects overlap with the knowledge base you need to succeed in HR.

You could also consider a shorter qualification or diploma after your college educations to introduce you to the HR field and make you stand out from your competitors.

Get Experience in the Field

Jobs in human resources can be competitive as they offer great career growth and boast a higher than average salary.

This means that you will need experience to land a job. It’s a good idea to start in operations or assistant role within a large company which could open the door to entry-level HR jobs.

Establish a Network

Becoming part of a network is an essential step in finding an HR job. Check your local area for human recourses conference days and events to meet others in the sector. You may even get sponsored to go by an employer if it would be beneficial to the company.

Joining an online message board is a perfect starting point if you are new to an area or trying to learn how to take the initial steps into a network.

Connect With a Recruiter

Recruiters are experts at finding you employment, and some are HR specialists. Joining a recruitment agency can help you to secure a job. They can also give you insights into the latest industry news, HR programs and suggest ways to improve your CV or gain more experience. 

Take time to chat with your recruiter so they can offer you personalized advice for your career goals. Expert knowledge will make you stand out from the crowd and impress a prospective employer.

Create an Online Presence

LinkedIn, online CVs, websites, and blog posts will all impress an employer. Having an online presence means that employers can follow up on a first meeting and contact you easily.

It shows that you take your work seriously and are willing to go the extra mile for your career!

Land Your Human Resources Job

If you’re just starting your job hunt, we know it can feel challenging. By following our tips, you will stand out from the crowd, build confidence, and clinch your HR job!

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