YouTube Videos

Are you seeking for promotion strategies for your YouTube Videos? 

The trend of video content is dominating and you are likely to get YouTube videos on almost every topic. Individuals, companies, and influencers are trying to master YouTube marketing. 

So how to beat this level of competition and get more free YouTube views

Well, you can stand out by promoting your YouTube channel smartly and more efficiently. 

Free Ways to Promote YouTube Videos

We’ve gathered a bunch of smart ways with which you can promote your videos to boost your viewership. 

1. Write Click-baiting Headlines For YouTube Videos

Create click-baiting titles as they grab the user’s attention and force them to click and watch the video. 

People tend to click and watch more videos that have an attention-grabbing title. If your YouTube marketing strategy can bring more clicks, you’ve mastered the art certainly.  

More the number of clicks, the amount of free YouTube views your videos will get. 

2. Optimize For YouTube SEO 

Just like Google, YouTube has its search algorithm that ranks the videos at the top with better SEO tactics. 

Therefore, it’s essential to optimize your YouTube videos for SEO. Multiple factors like video title, description, tags, thumbnails, and engagement plays a crucial role in YouTube SEO. 

Apart from the above, do keyword research properly and stuff your keywords in the title and description smartly. 

If you keep your SEO strategy straightforward, you can rank higher in the search results and earn more clicks, free YouTube views, subscribers, and likes. 

3. Understand User Intent

No matter how well your SEO strategies are working, it won’t work out if your videos are not able to create user engagement and not making them stay longer. 

User intent is the very first thing you should target because it’s the ultimate user who must be happy with your efforts and your videos must entertain them thoroughly and solve their problems.  

4. Create Engagement 

Getting likes and comment is as important as any other strategy to promote your YouTube video as it signals the algorithm that this video is working well, and the audience is engaging with it more. 

There are multiple ways you can do create engagement such as asking your audience to like, subscribe and comment on your video, organize a contest, run a giveaway on your YouTube channel, etc. 

5. Cross-promote Your YouTube Videos

Cross promoting your other videos is one of the common ways to promote and earn free YouTube views

Mention your videos whenever relevant in your videos and drop the links in the video description for your audiences. 

Apart from that, you can also create cards and end-screens to promote your other videos. 

Wrapping Up

These are some ways to promote your YouTube videos. These will help you to stand out from your competitors. 

The best part about these tactics is they all are free and achievable. All you need to do is to apply them, and they can help you in racking a massive amount of views, subscribers, and likes. 

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