Comfort of Your Home

The disruption of daily routine filled with visits to museums and movies is no longer possible amidst COVID-19. However, the cancellation of public entertainment sources does not mean you cannot use your creative ingenuity from the comfort of your home.

Often, your home’s interior design is more than enough to inspire creativity and tap into unrealized creative expression. Besides, you cannot separate your creative expression from the arts. Whether its piano keys, social connectivity, or interior designing, there are endless ways to foster creativity.

Now, despite the nature of your creative domain, here are a few ideas to get in touch with your creative side:

Allow Your Imagination to Run Wild

During these uncertain times, you should concentrate on what you can control and cannot control in your home environment. For instance, multiple self-portraits or diverse posters can help your imagination run wild. Similarly, it would be great if you have a sublime view of a beach or mountain from your window or balcony.

Still, the idea comes back down to allow your thought-process to run wild. It means to create a relaxed environment at home rather than use electronic devices all the time. Therefore, daydreaming and wandering can inspire you to unleash your creative thoughts.

Create Your Personal Space of Creativity First

Well, inspiring interior design can boost the creative flow. Remember, the space you live in represents your artistic inner side. It does not have to be expensive commercial interior design. Realistically, basic re-organizing and de-cluttering would be sufficient to make the outlook of your home more spacious.

Learn to Play the Piano and Create a Music Playlist

It should not come as a surprise that music possesses the power to influence your emotions and moods. In fact, it can help you unwind and relax throughout the day. Ideally, you would be better if you dedicate some time to learn to play a musical instrument.

For instance, learning to play the piano stimulates your brain and offers a sense of serene relaxation. It is also a great way to find out about your music preferences that would help you avoid extraneous distractions that have a negative impact.

You can use create a music playlist of specific artists, genres, and beats that appeal to you. In addition, you can explore magical combinations that lead to creative efforts. You can dive into various online piano lessons and practice that works for you.

Make a Virtual Connection with Your Creative Friends

Everyone has that “one” friend that always manages to express creatively. Your goal should be to have meaningful online connectivity with friends that can help you cultivate your creativity. It is an effective way to brainstorm new creative ideas out of thin air.

In the age of digitalization, virtual connections are more than to keep you sane. It is a way to convey your presence to the world and get in touch with people who can inspire you. However, if you are not fortunate enough to close contacts, try to make new connections that may bring new creative ideas. Whether you use Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom, make sure the conversation of each virtual session is meaningful.

Exercise: Boost the Flow of Your Blood

If you want to achieve optimal creative flow, you will have to exercise indoors. In fact, a continuous exercise routine boosts your creativity exponentially. Technically, when your body moves rhythmically, you overcome your mental blocks.

Consequently, a higher dose of oxygen supply to the brain allows you to maintain your mental health. You do not necessarily have to go through a rigorous exercise plan. In fact, basic exercises and meditation are often enough to create a foundation for creative ideas.

Collect Inspirational Interior Design Images

Often, a beautiful interior design sparks your creativity. You do not necessarily have to sit on your chair or lie on the bed all day. Instead, start by collecting interior design solutions that inspire creativity. After that, you can get in touch with the interior design specialist to find out more details, share your preferences, and learn the installation details.

Also, take your time to browse and categorize the interior design images to make sure what is suitable for your needs. From the wallpaper to furniture design, it should serve as a vision board where you can get inspiration whenever you want.

Get in Touch with Your Younger-Self

Remember, the carefree behavior of your childhood? Well, that can help you get rid of uninhibited compromises. When you are a child, the self-consciousness is minimal. However, as you grow old, your thought process becomes clouded and does not come across as natural.

Your approach should be to try to get inside the mind frame of your younger-self to re-discover the things that matter most to you. Sure, you cannot reverse the effects of the time. You can, however, change your current circumstances through heightened self-awareness.

Check Out Creative Apps

As the self-quarantine and social distancing measures normalize, now might be the perfect time to check out productivity and creativity apps. Besides, you will want to spend most of the days indoors. So, don’t be afraid to fail, experiment, and surpass expectations.

Maybe you want to write your memoirs, learn to play piano, start portrait photography, or check out new trends in interior design, there is an app for everything. The trick is to listen to your creative calling rather than succumb to self-doubt.


Whether you intend to establish your brand or want to build an online outlet through new creative expression, there is more than enough time for many of you now to accomplish those desired goals. The last thing you want is to wallow in frustration and boredom that might have a long-term impact on your life.

So, do yourself a favor and let your creative juices flow. You’d be surprised how much relaxation and happiness you can gain from a creative thought process. And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and use your creativity to strengthen the bond with close friends or family members and learn from past mistakes.

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