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Gautam Goyal from Houston says Search engine optimization is one of the major marketing strategies in the modern world. With the high potential for revenue growth, low-cost entry, and long-term results, the businesses right from agriculture to accounting, all have embraced SEO for the company’s future. 

As per Gautam Goyal Houston, you need to follow a few steps to opt for the best SEO Company for your business unit. 

Step 1

Getting a seed list

Every search of perfect SEO begins with a seed list. A seed list can be defined as a collection of agencies that may become possible partners of the business. Adding an agency to the list is not finalizing it but is just an initial brainstorm to get the ball rolling. Most of the companies do this work by one of the two techniques: by finding the pre-made list of agencies or preparing their lists based on their own research. 

Step 2

Looking at each agency’s website

Once you have short listed the agencies, it is the time to check out each agency’s website. You need to look over the major four pages of the agency’s website. 

1. Homepage

Any agency’s homepage is important as it is the way that agency chooses to present itself in-front of the potential clients. Hence, the homepage must be the best looking page of the site. You must be able to find the agency’s name, navigation elements and the contact options at a glance. This page should also provide you with an imaginary to give you an idea regarding who works there. It basically shows the excitement of the agency to showcase itself. 

2. About page

The about page is a great way to find the way how agency presents itself. It is even a good indicator of the overall success and environment of the agency. An ideal about us page must show unique images and videos of their employees and work place. 

3. Testimonial page

The testimonial pages are goldmines of information regarding how you can expect getting treated by the SEO agency. Whenever an agency is able to get enough testimonials on their website, it seems that they have done some good work. 

4. Blog

The last page to look for is the blog of agency. Blogs are critical to the success of any website. In SEO, it become more important as the agencies constantly rush to compete each other with the latest data, information and trends. Hence if you find a blog having recent posts regarding current topics such as SEO changes to be expected or the reports on Google algorithm change, you get satisfied that the agency keeps on updating itself. 

Step 3

Test the agency’s SEO strength 

If you don’t wish to shell out for the accounts, you can check an SEO agency’s online power by simply using the Google. 

1. Brand name search

Start the strength check by searching the company’s brand name on Google. Each agency must rank first for their own name and if not, you must simple cross them off the list. 

2. Major keyword search

Major keywords are the search terms that help to earn more new customers for the SEO agency. The agency must rank high for such major keywords because without them, they can never attract the attention of the potential clients. 

3. Minor keyword search

Minor keywords are the search terms that are not related to the agency’s primary audience. Such keywords might be “marketing statistics” to find the blog regarding advertising the data or it could even be something like “marketing infographic” to promote the brand awareness. 

Step 4

Contact with agencies

Once you are done with the websites, here comes the time to contact the prospective agencies directly. This can be done in a few ways. Every agency have a contact page where you can mail them directly and set up a time to talk. 

Also the agencies have phone number listed in the footer of the website or on the contact page. You can even contact the agency either by contacting them directly or by scheduling an in-person meeting to discuss your goals. 

Step 5

Meet the agency’s person or team

Generally, everyone would not be ready to close on the SEO contract right from the first conversation with the agency even if you meet in person. That means, you need to set up a follow-up meeting to get everything done. 

This meeting is mostly in-person unless you are far away from the SEO agency. Apart from this, some of the agencies even pay to have a representative fly out to your place to meet you. Regardless of how your second meeting takes place, you need to prepare a few questions to ask out to the representative and finalize the deal. 


These were major 5 steps by Gautam Goyal Houston to select the best SEO company for your business. 

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