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TOUCH 106.1 FM "The Fabric Of The Black Community"
founded 2005
John Laing
Charles Clemons
General Manager
On-Air Personality
Leroy McClaren
Lorenzo "LC" Caldwell
aka MetroBeatz
Music Director
Program Director
On-Air Personality

Sandi Robinson
Director of
Sponsorships & Sales
direct: (617) 671-5212

Courtney Boston
Assistant Music Director
Assistant Program Director
On-Air Personality
Business Office
(617) 989-1061
On-Air / Request Line
(617) 445-1061
Mailing Address:
TOUCH 106.1 FM
PO Box 191363
Boston, MA 02119


TOUCH 106.1 FM was founded in 2005 by Charles Clemons, John Laing and Leroy McLaren. The Black community’s voice was silenced by the sale of long-standing heritage radio station, WILD. The trio set out to bring about change, and offer the people a platform to voice their concerns, grievances and issues. The barrage of offensive music and programming in today’s urban radio industry put the Black community at a disadvantage with lyrics positioned to degrade the culture and set our people back hundreds of years.


TOUCH 106.1 is a community-based radio station catering to the broadcast needs of the neighborhoods in our immediate broadcast rang. The founders of TOUCH had a vision for the future of our community and the broadcast industry, and through broadcasting, we will continue to focus on the need for family-oriented, responsible, profanity-free radio programming.


Our Music Director, Lorenzo “LC” Caldwell is a music industry veteran,originally from Lawrence,has over 25 years worth of experience in the music & radio industry working in markets such as Atlanta,Greensboro,Miami,Richmond and he brings his experience back home to Boston to program what is sure to be Boston’s Top Urban Adult Contemporary Radio Station.


Our Asst Music Director,Courtney Boston is experienced in broadcasting, with a bachelors degree in communications/broadcasting from Florida A&M University. Courtney maintains the flow of the station’s music format and playlist, and she hosts the midday show weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


TOUCH 106.1 FM has always served the community, and our many community events include: New England Urban Music Awards, Kite Festival, Talent Show for Tots, High School Reunion Party, Father Daughter Dance, Unity in the Community Day, Family Fun Weekend, Garret Presely Autism Resource Race, Liquarrie Jefferson Man-Up March, Save Chez Vous Campaign, Peace, Unity, Love and Havin’ Fun Cookout and Block Party and many more scheduled events and parties which promote the strengthening of the family and community.


Should you hear language in the music we play at TOUCH FM that you deem offensive, foul or abusive, please email us and let us know. Our policy is to immediately remove offensive music from our playlists, never to play them again. We are committed to programming your entire family can listen to.


TOUCH 106.1 FM is a community focused, and privately owned radio station.

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  1. Sister Rhonda says:

    Can you please share the name of the group and title of the song with the repeated chorus, “Suhana Allah Illallah, Allah u Akbar”. Beautiful song and well done! Thank you!

  2. Hello

    I am writing to find out how I can come on touch radio to talk about my new workshops. They will benefit the community. I am a licensed mental health clinician in Boston. I have a private practice in Roxbury. I am starting online and in office workshops to assist people with navigating life. I would love to come on touch radio to talk more about it. I am on social media and do daily periscopes for people. My website with all my links are http://www.TheUnitingCenter.com . I look forward to hearing from you.

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