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Get the word out about your event, company or organization! Your sponsorship donations are tax-deductible. Compared to commercial radio, advertising on TOUCH generates interest in your products or services, and you can write off your sponsorship as a taxable donation. With commercial radio, you purchase air time and may never get a return on your investment. Furthermore, you certainly cannot write off your purchase of commercial air time as a taxable donation. TOUCH 106.1 FM reaches the Urban Community throughout Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain and the South End. Further, products or services with an appeal outside of geographic boundaries will reach additional visitors to our website viewing from other countries. In 2008 our visitors generated an average 128,000 hits per month.

For more information or inquiries on sponsoring programming or advertising on TOUCH FM please contact: Sandi Robinson
sandi robinson 2
Director of Sponsorships & Sales
direct: (617) 671-5212

Web Ad sizes available:
All sizes are in pixels.
Web ads should be submitted as JPG, GIF or PDF format
LOGO 250 x 250 (sq)
SIDE COLUMN 260 x 260 (sq) 260 x 390 (sm) 260 x 520 (md) 260 x 640 (lg)
SLIDER 650 x 277
BANNER 700 x 151

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